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Digital stuff

Using arduino you can automate your house yourself and build you own measuring devices. And, since the programming environment does not encourage complicated structures and you have to keep your program short an arduino can be programmed rather easily. I have a number of small arduino projects.

First of all klik, a simple house automation program with a web interface and time switches. Klik can switch lights in the house on and off using a 434 MHz transmitter. It has a web interface with buttons and a time clock. Klik runs on a wemos arduino board.

Kandedifang is a gps/beidou satellite navigation receiver and logger. It runs on a navspark arduino board. It logs a location stream to an SD card and shows your location on a nokia screen.

Measuring is great, but only useful if you know what you are measuring. Lora is a great technology to send your measurement data to your application.

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