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2020/12/19 21:42Arago's meridian Paris has no shortage of monuments and statues. The largest monument is the size of the inner city of Paris itself and extends from the north…, ,
2018/08/15 11:04Beidou, the chinese satnav system Since early 2013 the Chinese 北斗 (Beidou) satellite navigation system is operational. The coverage of the satellites still lim…, , ,
2020/12/23 10:31Matteo Ricci’ s worldmap One of the many China exhibitions in the Netherlands, the Ming exposition in the Nieuwe Kerk, shows a map that marked a milestone for …, ,
2019/01/05 22:40My map Over the years i have recorded my location during travels and holidays using satellite navigation receivers. It is nice to be able to see where you've …, ,
2019/03/19 10:24The altimetry atlas When the World Wide Web was in its infancy i was working at Delft University of Technology on the processing of radar altimeter data. Usi…, ,
2020/12/23 11:07The Navspark satellite navigation receiver Making your own receiver for satellite navigation is interesting to do and gives you the opportunity to make a devi…, , ,
2020/12/20 21:18The world maps of Blaeu and Verbiest The maritime museum in Amsterdam has two world maps in its collection, made by cartographers that are far apart and yet h…,
2019/03/01 15:48Using Beidou in Europe Beidou (北斗) is presently aimed at China as a navigation system. You can receive 北斗 satellites fine outside China. But the network of gro…, ,