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Texts in this section are about maps. Maps in all kinds and forms, like the A mapping audio guide on gets at some tourist locations in China. And about the old world maps made by the jesuits in China. But also about Beidou, het chinese satnav systeem, which can be used for mapping too.

The map above is made from my own tracks (by bike in this case). Lines are lighter depending on the number of times i have ridden a particular route. This map was made using my own my own database of waypoints and tracks which i have made over the years with satellite navigation receivers. First with GPS only, later with Galileo and Beidou, also with a home built receiver.

This world map shows the coutries i have traveled to, al least those i visited whan i had a satellite navigation receiver. The countries are again lighter depending on the number of track and waypoints. So i have seen more of China than Switzerland or Spain for example. De map is a bit distorted by the fact that i was able to log ever more detailed tracks over the years, and a country i drawn when i have only visited a small corner of the country.

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