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2017/10/27 10:20A mapping audio guide On many tourist spots in China you an rent an electronic audioguide. Some of these attractions have an extra cool guide, it shows a smal…, ,
2020/12/19 21:42Arago's meridian Paris has no shortage of monuments and statues. The largest monument is the size of the inner city of Paris itself and extends from the north…, ,
2018/08/15 11:04Beidou, the chinese satnav system Since early 2013 the Chinese 北斗 (Beidou) satellite navigation system is operational. The coverage of the satellites still lim…, , ,
2020/03/15 20:13Eise planet map In the city you do not see the night sky very well. Only the brightest stars are visible. And because you do not see the whole sky from betwee…, , ,
2020/12/23 10:31Matteo Ricci’ s worldmap One of the many China exhibitions in the Netherlands, the Ming exposition in the Nieuwe Kerk, shows a map that marked a milestone for …, ,
2019/01/05 22:40My map Over the years i have recorded my location during travels and holidays using satellite navigation receivers. It is nice to be able to see where you've …, ,
2020/12/20 21:18The world maps of Blaeu and Verbiest The maritime museum in Amsterdam has two world maps in its collection, made by cartographers that are far apart and yet h…,