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locatie.jpg Every place has a story and most stories are about places (and other things). One wants to travel to the things one reads about, that is how tourism started. Visiting places from books and stories often results in the more interesting trips. Trips to locations where you would not have travelled to and meeting people you would not have met normally.

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2017/10/27 10:20A mapping audio guide On many tourist spots in China you an rent an electronic audioguide. Some of these attractions have an extra cool guide, it shows a smal…, ,
2020/12/19 21:42Arago's meridian Paris has no shortage of monuments and statues. The largest monument is the size of the inner city of Paris itself and extends from the north…, ,
2020/12/20 22:33As slow as possible You can attend a special concert in the town of Halberstadt in Germany. It is an implementation of As slow as possible by John Cage. The i…, ,
2022/07/11 14:36Fold your roadbike Folding bicycles are a wonderful invention. We live in an apartment on an Amsterdam canal. The view is beautiful but there is no cellar or …,
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