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2020/03/15 20:13Eise planet map In the city you do not see the night sky very well. Only the brightest stars are visible. And because you do not see the whole sky from betwee…, , ,
2018/08/27 22:33In search of 神舟 China has an impressive space programme and they have made a couple of large steps over the last few years. They developed their own launchers…, ,
2018/08/27 22:31Mister Shen explains: the Jesuits and the emperors In the 17th and 18th century the Jesuits were quite active in China to convert the Middle Kingdom to the Ro…, , ,
2020/12/23 10:39Nanjing’s ancient Observatory In Nanjing, next to Lake Xuanwu (玄 武) in the middle of the city you can find the Purple Mountain (紫金山). The Purple Mountain is n…, ,
2019/03/19 10:24The altimetry atlas When the World Wide Web was in its infancy i was working at Delft University of Technology on the processing of radar altimeter data. Usi…, ,
2020/04/22 22:15The Great American eclipse After seeing the eclipse of 1999 we wanted to experience an eclipse again. The 1999 eclipse crossed the whole European continent, f…,
2019/03/01 15:48Using Beidou in Europe Beidou (北斗) is presently aimed at China as a navigation system. You can receive 北斗 satellites fine outside China. But the network of gro…, ,
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