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Why Wiki Website

I did not want a weblog with a chronological list of articles. Most of the time such a chronological list makes no sense, unless you're writing a newspaper. In a geographical website there are links between pages which are close by. That makes more sense since a story often realtes to another one about something nearby. There should be no overlying structure. But there are many ways to link pages, you can see what is close to something else, both in time and place. And sometimes there is a link to a topic, but only if something falls a little under a subject.

I made such a website with geographical and temporal links and some subject links. But the script i used was a bit complicated to maintain, the pages got older and i abandoned the site. Nice idea though.

Now, years later, this idea has been realised much better in a wiki. In a wiki you do not have to make a taxonomy with fixed terms, you can simply add pages with text and tags. The wiki provides the overview. This website was built with Dokiwiki. DokuWiki is simple, it does not use a database for your texts but saves all texts as files on the server, one file per page. The syntax is simple and invites you to follow links. And Dokuwiki has some useful extensions to convert geographic information and a page, such as maps and geographic tags. In addition, the text can be found by geography (through maps), index and taxonomy. And everything without enforcing a structure.

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